About the Company

Participation in "Facade-2013"
Putting the house #45
into service
Commencement of complex construction
Company's 10th
Putting the house #49
into service
Participation in
"Real Estate" Fair
Putting the house #44
into service
Start of construction
the house #46
Occupation of the house
#50 has started

"Akfen" traces its history back to 2003. Over the years of its existence the company proved itself to be a responsible and reliable organization operating in the construction market of Kaliningrad Oblast.  Within the period of its activity  the company has successfully realized many construction investment projects and also placed buildings of various applications in operation.

In the last 10 years we have constructed 100 thousand square meters of housing! Several thousand families got their houses and homes.  

The amount of apartment buildings, constructed by the company, is growing annually. It  points out the leading position taken up by Akfen company in the construction industry of Kaliningrad region. The company's competitive position are provided by rational investment to construction, determination of all the company departments to effective prompt cooperation with all the construction market members.

There are no unimportant objects for us, each project is individual and our new project is no exception.